Q and A

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Q. Can you please tell us who does the excellent images for your album and single covers?

Danny Crowhurst – Epping – UK

A. Sure I can they are done by a very good Italian Swiss friend of mine named Tiziano we call him Tiz or Tits for short.  You can find more of his work on his website here: http://www.tizianotornatore.com/

Q. Where do you draw inspiration from for your lyrics sound and visuals? Do you enjoy what you do and why? What is your favorite aspect of being a musician?

Candy R – San Francisco – California – U.S.A.

A. Oh you’re clever what is that six questions in one? 🙂

Inspiration for lyrics can come from a number of sources the first and most obvious being my own experiences in life a lot of my lyrics have been inspired also by photography especially the work of the famous Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki and in the case of Broken Doll a book of photographs by the French photographer Romain Slocombe (City Of The Broken Dolls). At least two of my songs (The Only One & New) have been inspired by prostitute cards left in London public telephone boxes Japan it’s sex industry and women have all played a big role in influencing what i write about sometimes i just come up with a cool title and write lyrics set around that my imagination comes into play big time when this is the case.

For sound I just go with what feels or sounds right as I record and maybe an idea of what it might sound like in my head I write everything on keyboard and am a sucker for dark and dirty sounds and sounds that squeal and soar I love the Feedback Oscillator on my favourite synthesizer the Roland JP8000 for stuff like this and more recently on the Roland SH201.

My imagery when I first took to the stage was a mix of Japanese and Hellraiser influenced garments and not much has changed over the years but I now wear a wider variation of clothing including military styled items and/or anything else that I like that I think suits me.

Yes of course I enjoy what I do very much if I did not I would not continue to struggle on like I have done ever since leaving school many many moons ago music has been my life and is responsible in equal measures for all of the best and worst times of my life that I have experienced. I enjoy it simply because I enjoy it and I don’t think I’m too bad at it I am not one of those people that will sit and do a job that they hate just to put food on the table and pay the bills I have suffered and tortured myself and others year after year for my art.

One of the most exciting moments for any musician is getting a finished product in their hands after all the hard work and sacrifice that has gone into it this is still the case with me even in this digital age and I am proud to display all my work on my walls at home. I’ve never been delusional enough to think that my music would make me a lot of money being of it’s somewhat shall we say unique nature but it does always please me when people give nice compliments about what I do and of course getting up on stage I turn into a completely different beast which has to be one of the most enjoyable elements for me even if I do push myself to and often over my limits frequently.

Q. Can you tell me if the expanded edition of Tea Time is available on CD or is it download only? It seems on the Glory & Honour webpage that its just download.

Nigel B – London – UK

A. The Limited Edition Expanded Tea Time was originally put together to be pressed by our old label but never happened and so Glory & Honour Records have snapped it up and it will soon be available in a limited press of 300 copies which I am personally looking forward to very much as I love the artwork for this cd.

Q. How or why did you choose the name Global Citizen?

Samantha C – Scarborough – UK

A. As you may or may not know we were originally called Constructive Noise but changed our name after the first couple of years. The name originally came from a song also called Global Citizen that appeared as a B-side to an early self released single (None Of It Is Real) that song was about an international hitman who traveled the world constantly adapting his look to fit in with the locals whilst on paid jobs to take someone out and was inspired by the film Leon. The time period of all this happened during the early days of the internet or World Wide Web and we liked the appeal of being an international band with a dark side and so the name was chosen inspired by a combination of these two things.

Q. Do you have any plans to release your song Numanoid on cd along with your Numan related covers Metal and My Love Is A Liquid? Or even a 7″” picture disc would be nice! 🙂

Numanoid – Manchester – UK

A. I must admit the thought of a 7″” picture disc with the original cover art sounds very attractive to me. As far as a cd goes I have not thought about it we did actually self release a cd-r version in exactly that format a few years back now and it did in fact sell very well. It’s certainly something worth discussing with the new label though we would have to sort out any copyright details with the two Numan tracks for an official release but I don’t see this being a problem I’ve never known Gary to stop anyone releasing a cover he gets his share out of them after all …

Q. Are you a Nazi or do you like Nazis? You look like one in some of your pictures.

Darika K – Stavropol – Russia

A. No I am not and no I do not support or sympathize with them in any way but I do like some of their uniforms I wear quite a lot of military clothing and the Germans were one of the few to have a black uniform which is by far the biggest reason they are so popular in the alternative scene the uniforms were also designed by Hugo Boss which also gave them a much classier look than most. The uniform you are talking about in the pictures is actually a British design from a range by Jed Phoenix of London whom i have done some modeling for.

Q. Have you made a start on the next album and if so what will be different about it and will you be borrowing any more tracks from your previous unofficial releases?

Neil P – George Green – UK

A. Yes I have made a start on it but am in no rush as we still have plenty to do in support of the Nil By Mouth album. The most immediate and noticeable difference will be that now we have a live drummer we will also be recording real drums for the tracks and augmenting them with our usual electronic hits giving the songs a whole new vibe and a more conventional feel. There are very few songs from our early self releases that I would still wish to give new life to but there will most certainly be at least a couple either on the album or as additional tracks on singles from the album.